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Investing in Luxembourg, why ?

Investing in Luxembourg is an opportunity because of high quality facilities, dynamic real estate sector, international headquarters location, high qualified work force, reputable and efficient financial place, etc.

Luxembourg is a key european country for business and wealth management.

Business opportunities

Luxembourg has the highest level of income per inhabitant in Europe. That means real opportunities of clients for companies.

Luxembourg has also a central location in Europe, it is a perfect place for logistics infrastructures.

The high qualified and multicultural work force is clearly an asset. Moreover, social charges are twice less important than its neighbours.

Finally, tax legislation on dividends, capital gain and royalties put the Luxembourg holding company as one of the most efficient structure to own professional wealth (Intellectual property as subsidiaries).

So seting up a business or owning companies from Luxembourg have advantages from a legal, tax and strategic point of view.

Wealth safety and efficiency

As the country is very small but very attractive, the prices on the real estate market are high and remain high. The building sector is alos very flourishing.

As a major financial place in Europe, the access to funds and investment products is easy and the offer wide. Setting up your own structure (regulated or not) can be a very effective decision. Morevoer, the CSSF (financial secteur regulatory authority) is very rigourous in order to guarantee safety of invstors, local as foreigner ones.

Your are not compelled to own only Luxembourg assets through a Luxembourg vehicule, you can use it as a European holding. You can choose a strategy of investing in Luxembourg and from Luxembourg.

How to be best assisted in the investment process ?

As CPA located in Luxembourg since the 1990's, we are perfectly able to advise you but also to open our network to find all professionnals required in your specific project.

We remain available for any 1st analysis of your project and needs, without any commitment.

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