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Luxembourg Chartered accountant

In Luxembourg, as anywhere else, the Chartered Accountant is both a licenced professionnal and a privileged advisor who develops relations between companies and their interlocutors (administration, banks, social administration, etc.).

In Luxembourg, being a Chartered Accountant has 2 specific consequences :

  • the Luxembourg Chartered Accountant is legally authorized to provide registered address for companies,
  • the Luxembourg Chartered Accountant is a professional working under profesionnal secrecy, which is not a detail in Luxembourg,
  • the Chartered Accountant is responsable for his clients, so hilghly involved in anti-money laudering process,
  • the Chartered Accountant is fully competent to organize company formation (is relation with the Notary)

FMV is a Luxembourg Chartered accountant office, a professional of Luxemburg accountancy and located in Luxembourg for more than 10 years.

Luxembourg Chartered Accountant office

As Chartered Accountant, our job (as all our foreigner fellows) is the bookkeeping of our clients' companies, the establisment of the balance sheets and tax returns. We are also able to respond to their needs regarding social matters.

So, we are experts in company formation and accountancy for trading companies, holding companies, etc. located in Luxembourg.

Ariane Vansimpsen, Managing Director of FMV, and Michel Vansimpsen, his father and Managing Director of FMV, are both CPA, members of the Association of CPA in Luxembourg, running the business for a long time.

They have gathered a team of different specialists, allowing FMV to deal with all the specificities of the clients' business, including tax cross bording issues.

Working with an experienced CPA office in Luxembourg like FMV gives you the guarantee of dealing with professionnals abiding by the Luxembourg legislation and giving all their expertise to get you reach your targets.

Why dealing 1st with a Chartered accountant specifically ?

A Luxembourg Chartered Accountant is compelled to be a specialist and a cross-field professional. As he follows the daily life of the company, he knows very well how the company should be formed and managed, from a legal point of view and also the tax consequences, etc.

A Chartered accountant is always at the junction of all professional specialists and fully able to check the coherence of their high quality competences put together.

We remain available for any 1st analysis of your project and needs, without any commitment

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