FMV & Partners SA - Certified Public Accountant in Luxembourg

Accounting services in Luxembourg

As a chartered accounting office in Luxembourg, we propose all the services of accounting and bookkeeping.

We are volontarily oriented to middle sized companies accounting, starting at the recording of the documents to the final balance sheet & financial statement.

Bookkeeping is not our sole competence, we also assist our Clients on tax and social matters.

So, we are dealing with VAT returns, annual tax returns, wealth taxation, salary slips, etc. depending on the situation of the client's company.

The general accounting rules are mainly the same as in the other European countries (different from anglo-saxon countries). However there are specifics points, especially from a tax point of view, which offer real opportunities for Luxembourg companies and their business managers.

These accounting and tax services, are detailled in a specific contract, signed between FMV & Partners and the Client's company, according to the Association of CPA requirements.

Accountants in LUXEMBOURG

Our team is composed by 2 CPA (our Managing Directors included) and specialists of Luxembourg accounting rules and tax system (even crossborder items).

Our fees are based on the services required. We can deal with all the Client's needs or only a part.

We are not down for standard solutions, we would rather find adapted ones.

We remain available for any further details, without any commitment

Got questions? We call you back!